From Ruins to Beauty: Tokyo Genso’s Intricate Illustrations of a Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo

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Apocalyptic stories, depicting the collapse of civilization and order, have a captivating allure. Despite the horror that such an event would undoubtedly bring, it is intriguing to envision our world’s destruction.

Tokyo Genso, a skilled Japanese illustrator, excels at bringing this vision to life through his lush computer-generated (CG) illustrations of Tokyo’s well-known landmarks in a state of ruin, many of which have been reclaimed by nature. In addition to creating backgrounds for games and anime, he also uses his expertise to imagine post-apocalyptic scenarios for various parts of Tokyo and other locations worldwide, weaving intricate details into his illustrations that satisfy our fascination with the end of the world.

More: Tokyo Genso, DeviantArt h/t: spoon&tamago


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