A Nostalgic Adventure into the History of Computing: Join Miniatua Limited Edition as They Bring Vintage Computers and Mainframes to Life

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The world has been revolutionized by incredible machines, ranging from old mainframes and minicomputers to the early 8-bit generation of personal computers.

In order to preserve this history and pay homage to the people who worked tirelessly to develop these machines at every stage, I am combining my passion for early computing and miniature models. My driving force is the desire to create intricate and detailed work, striving to make the most accurate miniatures possible.

If you are a fan of the old days of computing and want a piece of history in your hand, join me as I embark on a journey to recreate these technological marvels from the past. Miniatua Limited Edition, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, specializes in creating one-of-a-kind limited edition scale models and replicas of vintage computers and mainframes, both real and fictional. While my primary focus is on computers and their history, I put in countless hours of research and development to ensure that each replica is as physically accurate as possible to the source material.

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