The Artistic Journey of Jyo John Mulloor: From Human Head Helmets to Tiny Animals

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Jyo John Mulloor has returned, showcasing a collection of images depicting endearing miniature versions of wild animals. These tiny creatures could comfortably nestle in the palm of your hand. His latest project, “Macro World,” has already captured many hearts.

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Starting his journey as a digital artist in 2006, Mulloor has consistently committed to his personal projects while simultaneously maintaining his regular work as a designer.

Reflecting on his career, he vividly recalls the sense of joy when his “Human Head Helmet” garnered attention in 2013, an event that further ignited his creativity. This drive continues to be nurtured as he consistently brings forth innovative ideas to produce visually stunning work that pushes the limits of his craft. Despite his years of experience, he remains as enthusiastic as ever about exploring new opportunities in the realms of art and technology. The advent of AI has presented a landscape of possibilities he hadn’t previously imagined, and he’s excited about where this new journey might lead him.

In discussing his creative process, it always begins with brainstorming an idea. Initial sketches are made in a book before he proceeds to creating images using specific prompts.

He customizes his Midjourney prompts for each project to ensure he reaches the desired outcome. He acknowledges that AI-generated images can sometimes be inaccurate mid-process. To mitigate this, he employs a detailed, multi-step process to ensure a realistic final image. This includes generating various AI images, blending them in Photoshop, and carefully repainting them to create a more lifelike appearance. Although this process can be lengthy, he assures that the final product always justifies the effort.


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