Exquisite Photos Showcasing the Ferrari 410 Superamerica Ghia

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The year was 1955 when the extraordinary Ferrari 410 Superamerica made its grand entrance. Equipped with an upgraded engine derived from the potent single plug 410 S powerplant, its displacement had now reached an impressive 5.0 liters.

With the aid of triple Weber 40DCF carburetors, this powerhouse unleashed a commanding 340 PS (250 kW; 335 hp) at 6,000 rpm. However, the journey didn’t end there, as the 1957 Superamerica series III took performance to new heights with triple 46DCF3 Webers, generating a staggering 360 PS (265 kW; 355 hp). This remarkable version also marked the pinnacle of development for the ‘long-block’ Lampredi V12 engine.

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Each 410 Superamerica boasted bespoke bodywork, with notable contributions from esteemed designers such as Boano, Ghia, and, most prominently, Pinin Farina—the trusted collaborator of Ferrari. Notably, the body designed by Ghia was the brainchild of Mario Savonuzzi, the same visionary behind the iconic Chrysler Glida and Dart. While Ghia’s sleek design found favor with some, Ferrari opted not to pursue further collaborations with the company, given the distinctive appearance it bestowed upon the Ferrari 410 Superamerica.

However, exclusivity came at a price—a staggering US$16,800, to be exact. During its showcase at the New York Auto Show, the 410 Superamerica, presented by importer Luigi Chinetti, commanded a price tag more than double that of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” exhibited by Max Hoffman. This exorbitant price tag only added to the allure and desirability of the 410 Superamerica.

With production spanning until 1959, a mere 35 of these magnificent vehicles were crafted. Now, let us transport you back in time with a stunning collection of photographs showcasing the breathtaking 1956 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Ghia, capturing the essence of this automotive masterpiece.


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