Eight Humanoid Forms Congregate in a Glowing Gathering Space in Taipei

Source Colossal  

“Gathering Pavilion.” All photos by BlackBird Imagine Studio, JL, © Ling-Li Tseng, shared with permission

Evoking the supple curves of the human body, an installation by artist Ling-Li Tseng (previously) explores the power of connection and community. Created in collaboration with Serendipity Studio for the 2023 Taipei Lantern Festival, “Gathering Pavilion” is comprised of eight figurative forms that lean together with shoulders touching to establish a space with a flower-shaped opening. Each module is made of laser-cut metal with a baked enamel finish, with lights embedded near the base to shine upward and reflect on the material’s surface.

When on view earlier this year in Four South Village, Xinyi District, Taipei City, viewers “would instinctively walk into the artwork, engaging in a visual dialogue with the humanoid geometry or using the eight modules as frames to catch a glimpse of Taipei 101, the iconic skyscraper,” Tseng told Colossal. “The involvement of viewers completes the artwork, embodying the original intention behind the creation of the ‘Gathering Pavilion.’”

Explore more of Tseng’s organic forms on her site and Instagram.


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