Escape Velocity: Where Physical Art Meets Digital Illusion, A Fabian Oefner Showcase

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The Swiss artist, Fabian Oefner, has managed to mesmerize us yet again with his newest collection, “Escape Velocity”. His seemingly impossible sculptures push the envelope and test our understanding of reality.

More: Fabian Oefner, Instagram h/t: theinspirationgrid

Making use of basic equipment like band saws and sanding blocks, Oefner has disassembled a variety of everyday items such as a sneaker, a vintage computer, a saxophone, and even a boxing glove. He then transforms these items into art pieces that give the illusion of these objects piercing through or merging into solid walls. He explained his process saying:

“My art techniques are akin to Photoshop in the physical world. I’m turning the tables by transforming digital operations like slicing or clipping into traditional, tangible work methods.”

“In a world where our surroundings are dominated by manipulated imagery and synthetically created content, I find immense pleasure in constructing these items, which possess a tangible existence and are deeply real. Nonetheless, they appear as though they originate from a digital universe.”

“Escape Velocity” exemplifies Fabian’s extraordinary skill to question our beliefs about reality. His innovative artistry has once again brought something exceptionally astounding to the table, leaving spectators pondering the realm of possibilities.”


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