AI-Generated Compendium of Unbelievable Animal Crossbreeds

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Bullion (Bull + Lion)

Given the sheer multitude of animal species inhabiting our planet, you might think we’ve seen it all… or have we?

A Reddit user, Macilento, begs to differ. He embarked on an intriguing experiment using Midjourney AI to synthesize singular animal crossbreeds, merging two existing species into one. The outcomes of his endeavor are not only startling but also highly entertaining.

More: Reddit, Zavant

Eaglox (Fox + Eagle)

Owbit (Rabbit + Owl)

Zebolf (Zebra + Wolf)

Crabarab (Crab + Scarab)

Armadynx (Armadillo + Lynx)

Toucamel (Toucan + Camel)

Pelicko (Pelican + Gecko)

Peachog (Peacock + Warthog)

Swarlin (Swan + Marlin)

Horat (Horse + Bat)

Wobbit (Wolf + Rabbit)

Pigrilla (Pig + Gorilla)

Foxster (Fox + Hamster)

Beagle (Bee+ Eagle)

Snank (Snake + Skunk) – more infos in link

Alpayote (Alpaca + Coyote) – more info in link

Beazard (Beaver + Lizard) – more infos in link

Chamelouse (Chameleon + Mouse) – more info in link

Squinther (Squirrel + Panther) – more info in link


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