Rediscovering Childhood Magic: Designer Kirill Kruglov’s ‘My Outskirts’ Coloring Book

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In a world dominated by technology and virtual experiences, it’s refreshing to stumble upon a project that brings back the joys of childhood and encourages creativity beyond screens. Designer Kirill Kruglov has introduced an intriguing project called “My Outskirts,” a captivating coloring book aimed at those who grew up under a monotonous gray sky. Let’s delve into the fascinating details of this nostalgic masterpiece.

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Published by “DetKhtonIzdat,” ‘My Outskirts’ carries a unique backstory. This fiction project was ‘set’ in motion on November 4, 1955, the day when the CPSU Central Committee passed a resolution titled “On the Elimination of Superfluous Design and Construction.” This resolution laid the foundation for the development of Kirill Kruglov’s coloring book, which aims to revitalize creativity and inspire young minds to break free from the confines of urban landscapes.

‘My Outskirts’ offers much more than a conventional coloring book. Kirill Kruglov understands the importance of fostering imagination and provides a set of four black pencils alongside the book, encouraging maximum creative freedom. The monochromatic palette allows individuals to create unique worlds and breathe life into their drawings. With each stroke, the gray sky can transform into a vibrant masterpiece.

Designer Kirill Kruglov’s Instagram page has become a hub of excitement and anticipation. Fans and followers have flocked to the designer’s posts, eagerly asking for the physical release of ‘My Outskirts.’ The project has struck a chord with those who yearn for a return to simpler times and seek an outlet for their artistic expressions.


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