Paint, Text, and Human Psyche: The Unique Artistic Language of Dumontier and Farber

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In the world of art, Winnipeg’s own Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber are renowned figures, celebrated as the founding members of the Royal Art Lodge. Their partnership continued even beyond the lodge’s dissolution in 2008. This artistic duo has been crafting a unique brand of paintings, interlaced with whimsical, aphoristic musings and comedic reflections on life’s everyday nuances.

Their approach to painting, an unrefined yet deliberate use of colour and texture, recalls the raw appeal of outsider art. They have taken the typically solemn and solitary act of painting and transformed it into a casual, collective exercise. This year’s Art Gems showcases their series of flower paintings, each one accompanied by a poetic line of text. Drawing from absurdist stand-up and surreal humour, they create captivating narratives. While their artwork exudes an endearing casualness, it also subtly delves into the intricate maze of human psyche and emotions.

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