Lisa Stevens’ Ceramic Sculptures Capture Coral-Inspired Motifs in Vibrant Color

Source Colossal  

All images © Lisa Stevens, shared with permission

Ridges, florets, and spirals comprise the vibrant terrains of Bristol-based artist Lisa Stevens’ marine-inspired ceramics. On the surface of high-fired porcelain clay, she builds vivid hues using underglazes and stoneware glazes along with melted glass to achieve jewel-like details. During the past few years, she has expanded her coral-inspired designs, incorporating a wide range of shapes and emphasizing a spectrum of bright hues. “My work has become more extreme with more fans, spikes, and branches, and now many pieces can be displayed on the wall,” she tells Colossal.

Stevens enjoys working in series, including participating in The 100 Day Project, first with a series of skull-shaped tiles sprouting coral tentacles and currently making progress on a group of teardrop-shaped pieces. Using a range of tools, she spends a lot of time experimenting and learning new ways to employ them, so no two are the same. “I stick to one basic shape but make each one completely different,” she says. “I will never find an end to the possibilities and won’t get bored of looking for something new.”

If you’re in the U.K., you can see Stevens’ pieces on display at Independent Design Collective in Bristol and Katherine Richards Art Gallery in Brighton and Hove. Find more on the artist’s website, and follow updates on Instagram.



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