Issue Preview: Summer 2023 Quarterly with David Shrigley, Zanele Muholi, Perez Brothers, Kezia Harrell and More

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At the end of 2022, David Zwirner presented a selection of photos by William Eggleston called The Outlands. They were color photos, richer, almost too vivid to easily process due to his magical use of the camera, but not to be outdone by the subject matter and how he frames the moment. From a distance, he captures a familiar America, as well as a fresh, impalpable view of the world. While his position and the location of the photos are evident, myriad questions about the intricate vastness of a vantage point are evoked. I recently told a dear friend that the reason I love Eggleston is that his best photos ask everything but so sublimely answer nothing. That feels like…

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