Schwanzwald: A Conversation with Willehad Eilers aka Wayne Horse

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When entering the website of Willehad Eilers, aka Wayne Horse, you are greeted with a message that reads “80.000.000 Hooligans.” What does it mean? Does it matter? Because whatever you see in the works of Wayne Horse is an entry point to a bizarro world that is a bit ghoulish and definitely full of debauchery. But, oddly, as we soon find out, also a place of hugs. What started as a career in graffiti has evolved into highly-detailed, intense works that possess an element of longing, frosted with glorious depictions of hedonism. You know, the good stuff. Interviewed for our Radio Juxtapoz podcast a few months back, we took an excerpt for our Summer 2023 Quarterly in time with Eilers…

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