Hortensia Mi Kafchin Presents “Years of Bad Hair”

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P·P·O·W is pleased to present Years of Bad Hair, Hortensia Mi Kafchin’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Imbuing a highly classical painting style with her own mythologies, fairytales, and belief systems, Kafchin’s avatars traverse time, space, and reality to reach states of self-transformation and liberation. Hybridity, a central tenet of Kafchin’s practice, is innately tied not only to her transition from male to female, but also to her upbringing in a post-Communist and post-Chernobyl Romania in which an influx of Western culture intertwined with deeply rooted Eastern Orthodoxy and Medieval traditions. Akin to alchemical experiments, Kafchin’s canvases combine the male and female, the East and West, the traditional and contemporary, and the scientific and spiritual, to create dialectic formulas…

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