Catching a “Glimpse” and a Story of Anticipation in the Works of Anthony Iacono

Source Juxtapoz Magazine – Juxtapoz Magazine – Home 

“I caught covid early on in the pandemic and was locked inside for weeks—my only visitors were the birds out my bedside window,” Anthony Iacono says. “They were my entertainment. They spoke their secret language. And they seemed protective which was comforting. After that, birding became my new way of life – waking up early, throwing on camo pants, and getting lost in the woodsier parts of the park to find my feathered friends. It was a waiting game. You find yourself hanging around, getting hypnotized by the leaves, hoping to see movement in the trees and trying to decode camouflage through their disguise. Birding takes patience. It’s an act of meditation. There’s a lot of pacing back and forth and…

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