Whimsical Animals Take Center Stage on Christina Sutton Painting’s Dinnerware

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Montana-based artist Christina Sutton, known as Little Bird Painting, has taken ordinary dinnerware to the next level with her whimsical illustrations of animals. Sutton draws inspiration from the natural beauty of her surroundings, which she then incorporates into her charming artwork. Her designs are reminiscent of traditional printmaking techniques, featuring animals framed by a border of flora.

More: Christina Sutton, Instagram h/t: mymodernmet

Each creation is unique, but they all share Sutton’s distinct aesthetic and limited color palette of black, yellow, red, and blue. The primary color is black, while the other hues serve as embellishments to the flowers blooming on the vines. When combined with the white ceramic background, the result is visually stunning.

Sutton’s artistic background is in painting and printmaking, but she got into pottery when a friend got a kiln and taught her how to make a pinch pot. From there, she started making little bowls and never looked back. “I really love folk art, and I think I’m inspired by animals and plants in my own environment at home and in the mountains in Montana,” Sutton tells My Modern Met. “I also really enjoy printmaking, and I think a lot of the images on my pottery I have worked out in block printing.”

Sutton’s unique artwork has caught the attention of many, and her pieces have been featured in various publications. Her ability to transform ordinary plates and bowls into works of art is truly impressive.


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