Future-Proof Your Digital Identity With a .ART Domain

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“Heterosis” by Mat Collishaw and Danil Krivoruchko for OG.ART, which showcases curated collections of dynamic generative art and offers a space for renowned digital artists to experiment with dynamic NFTs

Celebrate creativity with .ART, the premier domain for the global art community, as it marks six years since its launch and approaches a significant milestone of 300,000 registrations. With an impressive roster of users from prestigious art institutions and renowned brands—such as The Louvre, Louis Vuitton Foundation, Ars Electronica Festival, Bank of America Art Fund, Porsche, and many more—the platform’s consistent growth highlights its undeniable impact on the art world. Individual artists, art enthusiasts, and creative minds also flock to .ART, with “NameSurname.art” being among the most sought-after standard format for domain names.

Elevate your online presence with a premium .ART domain that stands out as a unique and artistic identifier. Examples of projects embracing the power of thoughtfully chosen domains include OG.ART, a platform curating collections of dynamic generative art; C2.ART, a full-service firm specializing in investment-level art; and NORTH.ART, a regional online art gallery and art news source for the North of the UK.

Embrace the digital revolution with the platform’s compatibility with Web3 and blockchain technology. More than 3,000 recently purchased .ART domains are related to NFTs and Web3, reflecting the growing trend. The platform offers matching ENS and DNS domains, bridging Web2 and Web3 platforms seamlessly. At PROTOCOL.ART, users can register the ENS name to complement their existing .ART website, allowing it to function as a web address and email, and they can even link to a wallet, NFT, or digital asset on Ethereum and other blockchain networks. With exclusive registration rights for the matching ENS name, domain owners can ensure a consistent and clear digital identity across Web2 and Web3.


Martin Lukas Ostachowski (MLO.ART) is a Canadian new media and crypto artist and crypto art historian who explores geometric abstraction and minimalism through both physical and digital mediums, often integrating blockchain technology

Notable creatives like contemporary artist and designer Ali Sabet (SABET.ART), new media artist and crypto art historian Martin Lukas Ostachowski (MLO.ART), and photographer and digital creator Yakob (YAKOB.ART) have already capitalized on the benefits of ENS-DNS integration.

By choosing .ART, you also contribute to the Art Therapy Initiative, which promotes the therapeutic benefits of art. Through this initiative, the platform has funded a fellowship in Art Therapy at George Washington University.

Embrace the future of digital creativity.

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Ali Sabet (SABET.ART) is an Iranian American contemporary artist and designer who founded his own branding agency

Yakob (YAKOB.ART) is a photographer and digital creator who uses the Ethereum blockchain to showcase his work, combining photography and glitch art to create distinct and engaging pieces

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