From Analog to AI: Artists Pushing the Boundaries of Monochromatic Photography

Source Juxtapoz Magazine – Juxtapoz Magazine – Home 

A woman in a formal white gown glances sideways, her gaze steady and her expression neutral. A set of hands – the body to whom they belong cropped from the frame – tends to the garment’s draped fabric as if carefully fitting a wedding dress. To the rear, an older woman rests a weathered hand on the younger woman’s shoulder; the expression she wears is more sombre – a mother preparing to let go of her soon-to-be-married daughter, perhaps? Where a palette of black, white and textured greys frames each figure in murky shadow, small bursts of colour come from light leaks and the imperfections of analogue processing – conjuring a nostalgic sense of age, proffering honesty and authenticity.

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