Meet Elena Obando, The Costa Rican Artist Blending Tradition with Modernity

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Elena Obando, also known as Saturno Rosa or Elo, is a talented artist from Costa Rica who creates beautiful works of art using a variety of materials. Her art encompasses oil pastel paintings, handmade jewelry, and most notably, contemporary embroidered portraits.

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What sets Elena’s work apart is her unique approach to embroidery. She begins by using pastels to draw delicate portraits on paper before transferring them onto tulle through hand-stitching. Her use of oversized wooden hoops to frame her pieces, combined with bold colors and simple lines, creates a modern aesthetic that breathes fresh life into the traditional medium of embroidery.

Elena’s art captures the subtle nuances of human expression with remarkable detail and beauty. Her work has garnered attention and accolades both in her native Costa Rica and around the world. As an artist who continually pushes the boundaries of her craft, Elena Obando is definitely one to watch in the contemporary art scene.


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