The Fusion of Surrealism and Renaissance in Roby Dwi Antono’s Superb Street Art

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Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono has gained a reputation for his captivating art that merges classical Renaissance imagery with elements of surrealism. His paintings are characterized by smooth, rich brushstrokes that bring to life a world of symbolic icons, spaceships, dinosaurs, and human-like creatures. With each stroke of his brush, Dwi Antono creates a portal to a new universe, one that lives only in his imagination until it comes to life on canvas.

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Dwi Antono’s unique blend of classical and contemporary art has earned him numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Indonesia and internationally. Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with the artist and discuss his current works and artistic process.

Through our conversation, Dwi Antono revealed that his art is not only a reflection of his own imagination but also a commentary on the world around him. His paintings are a way to connect with his audience on a deeper level, to share his perspective and encourage them to explore their own imaginations.

As we continue to witness the evolution of Dwi Antono’s art, we can expect to see more of his surreal and captivating creations come to life on canvas. His work is a reminder that art has the power to transcend boundaries and transport us to new worlds of wonder and imagination.


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