Meet Ksenia Buridanova, an Artist Who Creates Surrealist Oil Paintings and Generates Art Using Neural Networks

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Meet Ksenia Buridanova, an artist who creates surrealist oil paintings and generates art using neural networks. She first trains AI models on her own paintings, then processes and adds finishing touches to the resulting images, with some of them becoming inspiration for new works. For example, her latest painting “Inside” is a continuation of pieces made with Stable Diffusion.

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“Using AI, I created a collection that I named Mimicry. I think this is a fitting term for AI art, as now an artist can directly interact with the visual information accumulated by humanity and turn the generated image into an independent work. Thus, humanity has come a long way from the separation of art and its source – nature – to the creation of algorithms that can “mimic” art itself and infuse it with new meaning.”


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