Artist Robyn Rich Gives New Life to Discarded Antiques Through Photorealistic Eye Paintings

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Robyn Rich is an artist who combines oil painting techniques with vintage objects to create unique pieces of art. Her works feature photorealistic eyes on discarded antique items such as old tins, plates, bowls, and spoons. Through her artistic talent, she captures the intricate details of the human eye on these once-forgotten objects, giving them new life and meaning.

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On her website, Robyn explains that she is grateful to spend her time creating “intimate little worlds” in reused and recycled objects. Her work showcases the beauty and character that can be found in these vintage items, which often hold a history that modern equivalents cannot match.

Robyn’s talent and skill in bringing new life to old objects is truly remarkable. Her art is a testament to the potential of upcycling and the value of preserving the past. Through her work, she reminds us to appreciate the beauty of the objects that surround us and to find creative ways to give them a new purpose.


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