A Collection of Dumb Comics for Smart People by Daniel Seex

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Meet Daniel Seex, the artist behind “The Joy of Seex,” a collection of comics that mix humor and art in a unique way. Seex describes himself as an aspiring painter who loves to draw and create comics. His comics often start as doodles on scraps of paper, which he then transforms into full-blown illustrations.

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Seex’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Sometimes it’s a conversation with his wife, a book he’s reading, or something he’s watched. He finds life absurd, and his comics reflect that. He loves to make people laugh and enjoys the challenge of coming up with really dumb jokes that smart people will appreciate.

Seex is committed to using ink and paper in his work. Drawing on paper is something he fell in love with, and he believes it’s one of life’s few genuine pleasures. He advises young illustrators to try and do at least 30% of their work on paper. Doing so teaches them to accept what they’ve done in a way that drawing tablets don’t, and often it’s these eccentricities that make their work stand out.

While Seex takes himself seriously as an artist, he doesn’t take himself too seriously as a comic creator. He likes to get lost in the chaos of creating, accepting the imperfections along the way. He believes that accepting your flaws is not just an important lesson for an artist but also for life.

Seex is excited about his upcoming book and making new comics. He keeps his expectations low to avoid being disappointed but is confident that he has a strong support network of friends and family who will enjoy his work. So, if you’re a smart person who enjoys really dumb jokes, check out “The Joy of Seex” and get ready to laugh!


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