Notes Art: A Unique Project Shaped by Technology and Lifestyle by Chris Silverman

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Chris Silverman, an artist, has been creating daily drawings since late 2021 using the Notes app on his iPhone. He shares his work on social media under the hashtag #notesArt. This project is a product of the iPhone Era’s convenience, which has extended to drawing.

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Living in an apartment and working a regular job, Silverman finds it difficult to make time and space required by traditional artistic media. As a result, he has turned to his phone, which he always carries with him. Drawing on his phone has become a natural extension of his daily life.

Silverman’s #notesArt work is shaped by the limitations of the medium. He draws with his finger on a small screen, using tools designed for annotating documents rather than creating artwork. Each piece is minimalist and limited in scope, similar to an app. This simplicity allows Silverman to focus on the essence of each piece, which is an unusual thing to do on a device primarily used for providing distractions.


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