Spectacular Winning Images of the FdB Wedding Photography Awards 2022

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Grandma And Her Little Boy” Photo By Barbara Fabbri (Italy)

Did you know that every three months, photographers from all corners of the globe send in their most unique and incredible wedding photos to the FdB Awards? It’s an exciting event where over 1500 photos from 12 different countries are evaluated by a team of three international photographers.

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“What Happened To The Kid?” By Jonathan Martin (Spain)

This round of judges consists of Rino Cordella from Italy, Christian Cardona from Colombia, and Elena Flexas from Mexico. They have the tough task of carefully selecting the most outstanding and creative wedding photos from the batch.

“Stepping Together” By Marco Helga (Spain)

The collection of images is truly impressive and captures the most memorable moments of weddings, from tender kisses to joyous smiles and even the occasional unexpected guest. We hope that these photos will bring a smile to your face or maybe even make you ponder on the important role that photographers play in creating lasting memories.

“Let The Veil Fly High On The Mustang” Photo By Dami Saez (Spain)

So take a moment to enjoy these amazing photos and appreciate the artistry of these talented photographers from around the world. You can also check out other posts about FdB Wedding Awards here, here and here.

“Who Invited A Goat To My Wedding?” Photo By Mile Vidic (Canary Islands)

“It Is Snowing… But I Am With You” Photo By Marta Monés (Spain)

“So Little, So Cute” Photo By Jose Ignacio Ruiz (Madrid)

“Moments In Real Life” Photo By Jose Ignacio Ruiz (Madrid)

“Sweet, Sweet Love” Photo By Ismael Peña (Spain)

“Let My Shoe” Photo By Fran Ortiz (Granada) W.p.o.t.y. 2022

“The Sky Is The Limit” Photo By Gabriel Monsalve (Spain)

“Just You And Me” Photo By Serena Roscetti (Italy)

“It’s Raining My Darling” Photo By Jordi Tudela (Barcelona)

“Family Time” Photo By Estelle Carlier (France)

“Almost Ready To Rumble” Photo By Federica Ariemma (Italy)

“Dancing As If You Were Alone” Jesus Herranz (Spain)

“Let’s Make A Toast” Photo By Alberto Ramirez (Spain)

“I See You” Photo By Simona Cancelli (Sicily)

“So Happy” Photo By Fran Ortiz (Granada) W.p.o.t.y. 2022

“Colours On The Street” Photo By Natali Agarcía (Spain)

“Love Is The Answer” Photo By Mile Vidic (Canary Islands)

“Butterflies In My Eyes” Photo By Pedro Alvarez (Spain)

“Sometimes Time Is Suspended” Photo By Pietro Sorano (Italy)

“We Love Dancing With Sharks” Photo Bu Andreu Doz (Spain)

“Wedding Smiles” Photo By Yuan Man (China)

“What A Splash!” Photo By Magdalena Romani (Spain)

“The Taste Of Love” Photo By Isa Bazin (France)


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