Flower Men of Saudi Arabia: The Fascinating Photo Series by Omar Reda

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Have you heard of the “flower men” of Saudi Arabia? This fascinating tribe is famous for adorning themselves with fragrant garlands made from flowers and herbs. They reside primarily in the Asir province of the southern region of Saudi Arabia.

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Legend has it that the tradition of wearing floral garlands began as a means for the tribe to conceal their scent from predators while tending to their crops and animals. Today, this practice has evolved into a proud symbol of their cultural identity.

The photographer, Omar Reda (previously featured here abd here), was fortunate enough to visit the flower men and experience their warm hospitality while learning about their unique culture and traditions. It was an unforgettable and privileged encounter that he will always cherish.

So if you ever find yourself in Saudi Arabia, be sure to seek out these enchanting “flower men” and take part in their captivating way of life.


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