Spectacular Winning Images Of The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

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Overall Winner: “A Look to the Future” by Charlie Page

The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 announced its 25 winning photos, with Charlie Page taking the overall first place for his work called “A Look to the Future”.

The photograph depicts a red fox walking through a woodland that was cut down to make space for an industrial site. Commenting on his work, Page expressed his desire to capture the image with the industrial backdrop to convey the damage caused to the fox’s natural habitat.

He hopes that photographers won’t face similar circumstances in the future, and that we all strive towards wildlife protection. Will Nicholls, Director of BWPA, applauded the talented photographers and noted that their showcased work highlights the importance of preserving Britain’s wildlife and natural spaces.

More: British Wildlife Photography Awards, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Animal Behaviour: Winner – “Hitching a Lift” by James Roddie

Animal Behaviour: Runner-up – “Pike Courtship” by Robert Cuss

Animal Portraits: Winner – “Sleeping With Dandelions” by Lewis Newman

Animal Portraits: Runner-up – “Willughby’s Leafcutter Bee” by Ed Phillips

Botanical Britain: Winner – “A Poet’s Lunch” by Matt Doogue

Botanical Britain: Runner-up – “Snow Globe” by Geraint Radford

Black & White: Winner – “Great Mell Fell” by Matthew Turner

Black & White: Runner-up – “Soaring” by Paula Cooper

Coast & Marine: Winner – “Welcome to the Zoo(plankton)” by Henley Spiers

Coast & Marine: Runner-up – “Alien Bobtail” by Kirsty Andrews

Habitat: Winner – “Stag by the Loch Side” by Neil McIntyre

Habitat: Runner-up – “Looking at You” by Peter Bartholomew

Hidden Britain: Winner – “Honey Bee Flight Trail” by John Waters

Hidden Britain: Runner-up – “Metallic Jumping Spider in Moss” by Will Atkins

Urban Wildlife: Runner-up – “Helter Skelter” by Matthew Cattell

Wild Woods: Winner – “Mystical Forest” by Philip Selby

Wild Woods: Runner-up – “Forest Dawn” by Graham Niven

British Seasons: Winner – “A Year in the Life of a Pair of Great Crested Grebes” by Robin Lowry

Documentary Series: Winner – “RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre” by Emma Jacobs

Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year: “Branching Out ” by Billy Evans-Freke

RSPB 15-17 Years: Runner-up – “Double Vision” by Maddison Foreman

RSPB 12-14 Years: Winner – “What’s Over There?” by Felix Walker-Nix

RSPB 12-14 Years: Runner-up – “Water Droplets” by Joel Osborn


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