Exploring Fantastical Worlds with German Designer and Illustrator Sandro Rybak

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When it comes to creating rich, otherworldly illustrations, German designer Sandro Rybak knows how to set the scene. With a trusty Wacom tablet and an eye for texture, contrast, and pattern, Sandro builds intricate flat worlds that belong firmly in the fantasy genre.

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For Sandro, inspiration can come from anywhere. He draws on a range of sources, from childhood cartoons to alchemistic copper engravings, video games to comics. The result is a mix of abstract elements that come together in unexpected ways. But Sandro’s work isn’t just a visual feast. It’s also infused with a sense of story and place, inspired in part by the modernist painter Agnes Pelton. “Everything feels like a whimsical dream state frozen in time,” he says. “I’m trying to give my artworks at least a small sense of a story, so they feel like there might be a whole universe behind the artwork.”

Sandro’s editorial work has already caught the eye of The New York Times, while his illustrations have graced album covers like Vienna-based indie pop singer Oska’s debut EP Honeymoon Phase. Regardless of the medium, Sandro’s appreciation for storytelling and world-building is on full display, offering us a glimpse into fantastical realms that are both beautiful and mysterious.


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