Artist Creates Dreamy Installations and Sculptures Made From Secondhand Books

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Su Blackwell has always been a lover of language. The written word, to her, was more than just ink on paper; it was a tapestry of meaning, woven together to tell a story. But it wasn’t until she journeyed to the exotic lands of Asia that her art took on a new dimension.

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It was in a humble bookshop in Thailand that Su stumbled upon a copy of The Quiet American. Its margins were lined with scrawls of Thai, a language she couldn’t decipher, but which added an intriguing layer to the already complex story. She couldn’t resist buying the book, even though it seemed destined to collect dust on a shelf.

But fate had other plans. Shortly after returning home to the UK, Su’s father passed away. In the throes of grief, she found solace in the pages of The Quiet American. As she read and reread the story, she began to notice the delicate interplay between light and shadow, between the solid and the ephemeral.

And then, a moment of inspiration struck. Su picked up her scissors and began to cut. Carefully, methodically, she fashioned delicate paper moths from the pages of the book. As she worked, she felt the weight of her sorrow lift just a little. The moths, suspended in midair, seemed to symbolize the fragile beauty of life itself.

From that day on, Su’s art took on a new form. She scoured secondhand bookshops for volumes that spoke to her, books with stories that whispered secrets to her soul. And with each book she acquired, she transformed it into a work of art – a house, a fairytale, a flower, a bird. She wove words together like a spider spins a web, creating intricate sculptures that seemed to capture the very essence of the stories they represented.

As she worked, she felt the power of language flowing through her, a force that was both ancient and modern, timeless and fleeting. Her sculptures were not just objects, but portals into other worlds – worlds of wonder and whimsy, of darkness and light.


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