Entwined Ceramic Sculptures by Claire Lindner Sprout like Roots and Plants

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“Enchevetrement vertical” (2022), 120 x 100 centimeters. All images © Claire Lindner, shared with permission

Although fixed in glazed and fired ceramic, Claire Lindner’s voluptuous sculptures are primed for movement as they appear to crawl along walls or sprout upward like the leaves of a plant. Mimicking the spongy texture of living specimens like fungi, sea moss, and roots, the works embody several dualities from hard and soft to stasis and growth. The lively pieces also reference the relationship between biological processes and human intervention, as the artist (previously) sculpts organic forms and covers them with unnaturally bold gradients.

Lindner, who’s based in the countryside in Montpellier, has one work in Within + Without on view through April 6 at Unit London and will be included in the LOEWE Foundation group show scheduled for May at the Noguchi Museum in New York. She’s also in the midst of a residency with the European Institute of Ceramic Art, which will result in an exhibition slated for June at the Théodore Deck Museum. Keep up with the artist’s latest projects and chances to see the works in person on her site and Instagram.


“Red and blue untanglement n°3” (2022), 48 x 38 x 10 centimeters

Detail of “Enchevetrement vertical” (2022), 120 x 100 centimeters

“Waltx n°1” (2022), glazed stoneware, 39 x 36 x 32 centimeters

“Enchevetrement vertical n°2” (2022), 120 x 65 centimeters

“Red and blue untangled silhouette n°1” (2023), glazed stoneware, 116 x 46 x 13 centimeters

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