Ohio Illustrator Finds Inspiration in the Calming Yet Unsettling Atmosphere of Nighttime Streets

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Nicholas Moegly, an illustrator from Ohio, has found inspiration in the quiet streets of his town at nighttime. In 2020, during a time when everything was closed and there was nowhere to go, Moegly began taking nightly walks and drives around his neighborhood and town. He was struck by the calming yet unsettling feeling of the empty streets, and was inspired to capture that atmosphere in his artwork.

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Moegly’s art focuses on the beauty of the mundane, and he sees the empty streets at night as the perfect example of this. Through his artwork, he aims to capture the stillness and eerie silence of the nighttime streets, and to remind his audience that there is always beauty to be found in even the most ordinary of places.

Nicholas shares his artwork on Instagram, where he enjoys connecting with other artists and art lovers. He has been encouraged by the positive response to his work, and hopes that his art will continue to inspire others to find beauty in the simplicity of everyday life.


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