Artists Attempted to Imagine Celebrities in Amusingly Appropriate Professions Based on Their Names

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Orlando Bloom

Once upon a time, a person’s surname revealed their occupation. It was simple, straightforward, and a bit boring. For instance, if your name was Smith, chances were high that you were hammering away at metal all day long. But in this day and age, life is a little more interesting, and we’ve got “aptronyms” to thank for that.

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Carrie Fisher

That’s right, folks. We now have people with last names like Painter becoming artists and Cook becoming chefs. It’s almost like they were born to do it! And while we can’t change our names to match our desired professions, we can certainly have a good laugh imagining celebrities in jobs that fit their names.

Ellen Barkin

DesignCrowd threw down the gauntlet and challenged digital artists to come up with the most amusing and appropriate job for each celeb based on their moniker. And boy, did they deliver! From Tom Cruise manning an ocean liner to Orlando Bloom cultivating flowers, these pictures will have you chuckling in no time.

Jude Law

Who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll see a Jennifer Doctor, a Robert Lawyer, or a George Politician. Anything’s possible in this wacky world of ours!

David Letterman

Heath Ledger

Patrick Stewart

Dane Cook

Tom Cruise

Will Smith

Kevin Bacon

Sarah Jessica Parker

Charisma Carpenter

Gerard Butler

Elijah Wood

Jim Carrey

Keira Knightley

Alec Baldwin

Simon Baker

Winona Ryder

Brooke Shields

Reese Witherspoon

Billy Crystal

Penélope Cruz

Sigourney Weaver

Teri Hatcher

Larry King

Minnie Driver

Christian Slater

Chevy Chase

David Cook

Tyra Banks

Ban Ki-Moon

Kevin Spacey

Rachel Hunter

Alicia Keys

Oliver Stone

John Goodman

Sean Combs

Billie Joe Armstrong

Kevin Bacon

Christopher Walker

Howie Mandel

Amanda Seyfried

Oprah Winfrey

Steven Tyler


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