Dust Furries: Whimsical Ceramic Sculptures Designed to Clean Up

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Linda Nguyen Lopez is an artist who creates delightful and whimsical ceramic sculptures that seem to be in motion, as if they are about to wriggle out of the room. Her ongoing series, Dust Furries, features sculptures that appear to be cleaning up the space around them. The sculptures are designed with a variety of satisfying color gradients that complement their soft, supple textures.

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The Dust Furries sculptures have a talent for collecting odds and ends that you might find lying around on the floor or tucked away in corners. They attract these bits of debris to their “fur,” which ranges from rocks to fingernails to peas, according to Lopez.

Each sculpture in the series has its own unique personality, thanks to the use of different materials, sizes, and bright hues. The sculptures are designed with stylized shapes that represent lint or abstract cut-outs, which float over the surface as if they are attracted by static electricity. This effect suggests the gentle friction of movement and gives the sculptures a playful and whimsical quality.

Lopez has been creating Dust Furries for the past three years, and over that time, she has honed her craft and improved her technique. She notes that the furries have become more technically proficient, with stronger fur and larger porcelain sculptures.

Overall, Dust Furries is a charming and inventive series that combines playful design with technical skill. The title of the series is a playful nod to the fact that the sculptures are designed to collect dust and debris, making them a unique and delightful addition to any space.


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