Cardboard Cat Forts: The Ultimate DIY Project for Feline Fun

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Picture this: You’re sitting at home, surrounded by Amazon boxes that you’ve been too lazy to recycle. You’ve got some time on your hands, a cat on your lap, and you’re feeling a little bit creative. What do you do? You build a cardboard cat fort, of course!

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But why do cats love cardboard so much? It’s not just because they’re weirdos (although that certainly plays a part). No, it turns out that there are some legit reasons why felines can’t resist the allure of a good cardboard box.

First of all, cats are all about safety and security. They love small, enclosed spaces where they can hide and feel safe from predators (or from their pesky human roommates). Cardboard boxes provide that sense of protection that cats crave.

But it’s not just about safety. Cardboard is also a great insulator, which means that it keeps cats warm and cozy. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good snuggle session in a warm, cozy box?

Of course, there’s also the playfulness and curiosity factor. Cats are curious creatures by nature, and a cardboard box provides endless opportunities for exploration and play. They can jump in and out of the box, paw at it, scratch it up, and generally just have a grand old time.

And let’s not forget about marking their territory. Cats have scent glands on their paws and faces, which they use to mark objects and claim them as their own. A cardboard box is the perfect blank canvas for a cat to make their mark and declare to the world, “This is mine!”

So go ahead, build that cardboard cat fort. Your feline friend will thank you for it. And even if they don’t appreciate the intricate design work and clever architecture, at least you’ll have a good laugh watching them poke their little heads out of the various nooks and crannies.


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