Discovering the Inner Child: A Look Into Gabriele Dabasinskaite’s Mandalas and Newborn Photography

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Gabriele Dabasinskaite is a professional photographer who has made a name for herself by creating beautiful and unique mandalas with newborns at their center. For almost a decade now, she has been combining her passion for photography with her love for nature and newborns to create stunning pieces of art that capture the innocence and beauty of life.

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Dabasinskaite’s recent exhibition, “The Search Of The Inner Child”, which took place in 2022, is a testament to her dedication to her craft. Her work is not just a job, but a form of therapy and meditation. She sees every baby as a centerpiece in her puzzle, and every photoshoot is unique and tailored to the family she is working with at the time.

In Dabasinskaite’s photographs, the baby is the spirit of the photograph. Placing them in the center of a mandala adds a certain specialness to the image, making it more than just a photograph, but a work of art. Each mandala has a different color scheme, and Dabasinskaite tries to keep them as original as possible. Her inspiration comes from nature, and she uses natural pieces such as leaves, sea shells, stones, or flowers to create a unique pattern. She also incorporates food elements or handmade paper decorations, making sure to include details suitable for each season of the year.

Dabasinskaite’s mandalas are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also have a deeper meaning. Mandalas are circular patterns that are often used in meditation or spiritual practices to represent the universe or the self. The circular shape represents wholeness, and the center represents the self or the inner child. By placing a newborn in the center of a mandala, Dabasinskaite is not only capturing the beauty of the baby but also symbolizing the importance of connecting with our inner child.

Dabasinskaite’s work is not just about creating beautiful photographs, but also about helping families connect with their inner child. By capturing the innocence and beauty of newborns in her photographs, she is reminding us of the importance of embracing our inner child and connecting with the world around us.


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