How “Harry Potter” Characters Were Meant to Look According to Book Descriptions With a Help of AI

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Bellatrix: (mid 40s) long shiny thick black hair, strong jaw, dark hooded eyes, thin lips, gaunt from long term imprisonment, still has vestiges of old beauty

Okay folks, let’s talk about the age-old debate of books vs. movies. We all know that books usually come out on top, right? And one of the reasons for this is that films don’t always do a great job of capturing the same images and emotions as the book. Like, have you ever read a book and formed a mental picture of a character or place, only to be totally disappointed by how it looked in the movie? Yeah, us too.

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Bill Weasley: (mid 20s) red hair, handsome, thin, blue eyes

So, imagine this – what if there was a way to see how characters would look if they were true to their book descriptions? Well, that’s exactly what one Vietnamese woman did. Her name is MsBananaAnna (we know, we love it too), and she used artificial intelligence to create images of Harry Potter characters as they were described in the books.

Cedric Diggory: very handsome chiseled features, dark hair and grey eyes

Now, MsBananaAnna is a self-proclaimed nerd living in Melbourne. She’s been a huge Potterhead since she was a little kid, and she remembers waiting in line at midnight for every book release. When she saw the movies, she thought Emma Watson was too gorgeous to be Hermione (we mean, we totally get it), so she decided to create her own version of the character. People loved it so much that she kept going, and created more characters.

Charlie: (mid 20s) short and stocky, blue eyes, broad good-natured face, lotssss of freckles, bright red hair

Some of her renditions look similar to the movie versions, while others look completely different. But for MsBananaAnna, the one that came out the best was Sirius. She said he looked exactly how she imagined him – dark and regally handsome. We gotta admit, we agree.

Cho Chang: long shiny hair, freckled nose, pretty

So, if you’re a die-hard Potterhead like MsBananaAnna (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), you should definitely check out her AI creations. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite version of your favorite character.

Draco Malfoy: pointed very pale face, cold grey eyes, slick white-blonde hair (never described as handsome or ugly)

Argus Filch: (?age?) bulging eyes, pale eyes, sunken cheeks, pasty-faced, (missing bald patch)

Argus Filch: (?age?) bulging eyes, pale eyes, sunken cheeks, pasty-faced, (missing bald patch)

Fleur: Silver hair, dark blue eyes, very beautiful, light figure

Fred and George Weasley: stock build, brown eyes, freckled face, bright red hair

Gilderoy Lockhart: late 20s, “blandly handsome”, bright blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, straight white teeth

Ginny Weasley: pretty, face full of freckles, brown eyes, bright red hair

Hermoine: bushy dark brown hair, brown eyes, large buck teeth (never described as pretty or ugly)

Lily Potter: (21), bright green eyes, beautiful, thick dark red shoulder length hair

Lucius Malfoy: (late 30s/ early 40s) cold grey eyes, very pale, white-blonde hair, pointed face

Luna Lovegood: straggly blonde hair, protruberant silvery eyes, looks permanently surprised, faint eyebrows

Lupin: (mid/late 30s) light brown hair flecked with grey, premature lines and aging from stress of constant transformations, looks exhausted/ill

Mcgonagall: (?age?) Stern face, green eyes, square glasses, black hair in a bun

Merope Gaunt: (19) heavy face, eyes stare in different directoins, lank dull hair

Narcissa Malfoy: (late 30s/early 40s) long blonde hair, “nice looking”, “looks like she smells dung”, blue eyes, very pale, arrogant good looks of Black family

Neville Longbottom: buck-teeth, round-faced, chubby, blonde hair

Pansy Parkinson: hard-faced, pug-faced

Peter Pettigrew: (mid 30s) small blue eyes, grubby rat-like skin, pointed nose, balding color-less thin unkempt hair, weight loss in short time due to stress, resembles a rat

Aunt Petunia: (mid/late 30s) horse-like face, twice the length of a normal neck, large pale eyes, blonde hair (neither described as ugly or pretty)

Tom Riddle: handsome, dark eyes, black hair

Ronald Weasley: Long nose, blue eyes, pale, freckled face, bright red hair, thin build

vSirius Black (Azkaban)

Sirius Black: (mid/late 30s), long dark hair and grey eyes, “regally” handsome with fair skin

Snape: (38) Thin, uneven yellow teeth, large hooked nose, sallow skin, dark/black eyes, black greasy shoulder-length hair

Tonks: (25) pale, heart-shaped face, short spikey pink hair, dark eyes, pretty (“okay looking” according to Ron)

Dolores Umbridge: (?age) mousey brown hair, bulgy pouchy eyes, wide mouth, looks like a pale toad

Uncle Vernon: (mid to late 30s) big and beefy, thick black hair, large walrus-like mustache, dark eyes, little neck, small sharp eyes

Viktor Krum: thin, tall, large curved nose, looks like bird of prey, thick eyebrows, grumpy looking

Voldemort: (71) Red eyes with cat-like slits, chalky white skin, skull-like face, snake like nostrils

James Potter: (21) Tall, thin, untidy black hair that sticks up in the back, hazel eyes, glasses


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