Spectacular Winning Images of The Global Cement and Concrete Association’s Competition

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Concrete infrastructure, pro winner – Interchange, Guangzhou, China – Chek Poh Wong

The Global Cement and Concrete Association recently held its fourth edition photography competition, and it was a massive success! With a whopping 14,000 entries from all over the world, both amateur and professional photographers wowed us with their amazing skills and talent.

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Concrete infrastructure, amateur winner – Waterwall of Watu Purbo, Indonesia – Dinar Wahyu Herlambang

The competition was divided into four categories – infrastructure, beauty and design, urban, and daily life – and each one had some truly incredible submissions. It was tough to pick a winner, but after much deliberation, the top prize of $10,000 went to the very deserving Ferdz Bedaña from the UAE.

Urban concrete, amateur winner – Metro Station, Dubai – Joey S Reginaldo

Now, you may be wondering what the Global Cement and Concrete Association is all about. Well, let me tell you – they’re a pretty big deal. They account for a whopping 80% of global cement production capacity outside of China, and they also work closely with key Chinese manufacturers.

Overall and urban concrete, pro winner – Skateboarder, Sharjah, UAE – Ferdz Bedaña

In fact, the association is so committed to making a positive impact on the world that they’ve even set out their 2050 Net Zero Roadmap. It’s clear that they’re not just about producing cement and concrete – they’re also dedicated to sustainability and making a difference in the world.

Concrete beauty and design, pro winner – The boy, Istanbul, Turkey – Fatma Demir

Concrete beauty and design, amateur winner – Contemplation, Mexico – Mariana Ríos

Concrete in daily life, professional winner – Rice mill, Bangladesh – Azim Khan Ronnie

Concrete in daily life, amateur winner – Roller race, Indonesia – Muhana Syafiquddary

Concrete infrastructure, amateur shortlist – Singapore – Jessica Lq

Concrete infrastructure, amateur shortlist – The Philippines – Rey Johnino Carinugan

Concrete in daily life, amateur – shortlist Vase – Halide Osman

Concrete in daily life, amateur – shortlist Dubai – Roger Alfonso

Urban concrete, professional shortlist – Dubai – Biju Sivasankaran

Urban concrete, professional shortlist – Indonesia – Ahmad Fadhiilah

Concrete beauty and design, professional shortlist – Dubai – Nsr Bin Mohd

Concrete beauty and design, professional shortlist – Japan – Saeed Rezvanian


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