Hyperrealistic Portraits Painted With Fire By This Self-Taught Nigerian Artist

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Creating hyperrealistic art with traditional mediums is an incredible feat on its own, but adding the complexity of pyrography – the art of painting with fire on wood – takes it to another level. Yet for Nigerian artist Alex Peter Idoko, the challenge only fueled his passion for the craft.

More: Alex Peter Idoko, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Hailing from Lagos, Alex’s artistic journey began in childhood as he honed his skills painting portraits with graphite, charcoal, and pastels. But it was his unwavering drive and dedication that led him to master the intricacies of pyrography.

Today, Alex’s stunning art pieces primarily feature black people and address a myriad of pressing issues, from African realities and freedom to advocating for change and offering solutions to challenges. With his unique blend of skill and passion, Alex is undoubtedly making his mark in the world of art and inspiring fellow creatives to push the boundaries of their own artistic abilities.


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