Photographer and Urban Explorer Caputerd The Most Beautiful Venetian Doors

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Dimitri Bourriau (previously featured), known professionally as Jahz Design, is a graphic designer-turned-photographer with a deep passion for history and architectural remains. His work focuses on exploring the ruins of the past and observing the effects of time on architecture, drawing attention to the ephemeral memory of our constantly changing civilization.

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In 2013, Bourriau developed a particular interest in urban exploration and photographing heritage in disuse. Through his work, he aims to show that these abandoned places are not forgotten, but instead represent a transition from nature to man, and from man to nature. Each photograph he takes is a photographic testimony, serving as a form of real archiving.

By viewing Bourriau’s photographs, we become active witnesses to the places he has captured, maintaining the photographed places alive through our continued engagement with them. Through his lens, we are able to appreciate the ephemeral beauty of abandoned architecture, and reflect on the constant evolution of our built environment.

“I had the chance to walk the cobbled streets of this incredibly beautiful city and capture the most beautiful Venetian gates, “the water gates”.

Each door has its own story to tell and its own unique charm. Some are decorated with delicate ironwork, others are painted in bright, vibrant colors, but all are incredibly photogenic. I was inspired by the beauty of these doors.

In my photo collection, you can see antique wooden doors that have been weathered by time, wrought iron doors with elegant details, and solid stone doors that have stood the test of time. Each of these doors is a testimony to the history of Venice and its rich culture,” Dimitri told Bored Panda.


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