The Self-Taught Digital 3D Artist Pushing the Limits of Cyberpunk Surrealism and Digital Fashion

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Eugene Golovanchuk’s (aka Skeeva) journey into the world of digital artistry began as a self-taught Art Director and Digital 3D Artist. He has since made a name for himself in the industry with his captivating 3D dark-art surrealism, enriched by a cyberpunk flare.

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His work is a perfect example of how an artist’s unique style can blossom through the use of a multitude of tools, shapes, and colors. Skeeva’s cultivation of visual delicacies has led to the invention of his own unique stylistic stamp within the digital art world.

Eugene’s artistic talent is not only impressive but also versatile. He specializes in Digital Fashion, developing artist-owned concepts, and recreating real-world outfits digitally for global fashion labels. This makes his work highly sought after, as evidenced by his client list that includes Apple, Adidas, Adobe, SpaceX, SEGA, and Playstation.

His achievements are a testament to the possibilities that exist when passion and talent intersect. He continues to push the limits of cyberpunk surrealism and digital fashion, inspiring other artists and leaving a lasting impact on the digital art world.


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