Artist Zai Divecha Brings Illusion of Movement to Life in Monochromatic Paper Works

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San Francisco-based artist Zai Divecha is captivating art enthusiasts with her latest solo show, “Phase Shift”, on display at Heron Arts (7 Heron St, SF CA) until March 25th.

Divecha’s works feature animations and sculptures that pay tribute to early stop-motion devices like zoetropes and phenakistoscopes. By utilizing sequential formations, the artist captures gradual changes that imply progression, resulting in an artful representation of movement.

Divecha is recognized for her unique use of white paper, which not only accentuates the texture, dimension, and depth of her pieces but also captures light and shadow in a mesmerizing way. The works are mounted on flat planes and invite the viewer to see beyond static images and into the subtle changes that occur over time. “Phase Shift” is a must-see exhibition for anyone who appreciates the art of illusion and the beauty of simplicity.

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