Martha Edelheit: Naked City, Paintings from 1965–80 @ Eric Firestone Gallery, NYC

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Eric Firestone Gallery is pleased to announce Martha Edelheit: Naked City, Paintings from 1965–80. This is the gallery’s second solo exhibition with the 91-year-old artist. The show will include historic monumental paintings of nude women and men situated on luscious drapery or montaged into familiar locations around New York City; surrealist multi-panel self-portraits; close-ups of torsos with imagined tattoos; and intimate pastels of the body. Edelheit’s practice is transgressive, whimsical, and sensuous all at once. The artist’s output from the mid-1960s through early ‘80s reflects her abiding love of art history and her reimagining of the discipline that was largely created by men, for men.

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