Vintage Cover Photos of The Popular Magazine in the 1920s

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The Popular Magazine, a literary publication that ran for an impressive 612 issues from 1903 to 1931, was a staple in early American literature. With a diverse range of genres, the magazine featured everything from short fiction and novellas to serialized works and even complete short novels. Although the magazine covered various subjects, it had a tendency to lean towards men’s adventure stories, particularly in its later years as the demand for hardboiled fiction increased.


The Popular Magazine marketed itself as “a magazine for men and women who like to read about men,” and had its headquarters in New York City. It was published by Street & Smith and edited by Henry Harrison Lewis from 1903 to 1904, and Charles Agnew MacLean from 1904 to 1928. Each bi-monthly issue typically contained 194 to 224 pages. Sadly, The Popular Magazine’s journey came to an end in October 1931 when it was merged with another Street & Smith pulp, Complete Stories.


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