Marite Desaine’s Painting-Like Ballpoint Pen Drawings

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The humble ballpoint pen is often overlooked in the art world, but Marite Desaine is showing the world just how powerful it can be. The Latvian artist first rose to fame in 2014 when her incredible ballpoint pen drawings of landscapes started to be featured by prestigious art websites and blogs, and it was clear from the beginning that her style was something special.

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Desaine’s artworks take around 30 hours to complete and the results are stunning; viewers often mistake them for paintings due to the level of detail and vibrancy in the colors. Unfortunately, it appears that Desaine has gradually moved away from the ballpoint pen as her primary art form, and if you look at her Instagram, you’ll mostly see paintings and digital artworks.

Marite Desaine is a perfect example of how the right artist with the right tool can create art that looks just as beautiful as any traditional painting. Hopefully, she’ll come back to her ballpoint pen artworks soon, because they are truly something special.


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