Radio Juxtapoz, ep 100: Romantic Lowlife Fantasies and Little Bit of Hope

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Yes, here we are, Radio Juxtapoz turns 100. And what a way to turn 100 then to look back at the golden age of… well, suspended adulthood? For this 100th episode, we sit down with Laura June Kirsch on the occasion of her new photography book, Romantic Lowlife Fantasies: Emerging Adults In The Age Of Hope, a look at the unique era that was the Obama years, and what many would see as both a carnal, fun, debaucherous  and really, we must say, a literal end to an era. These may be party photos, but there is something more unique going on in Kirsch’s photos, a time when music, art, corporate events, food culture, beer culture, festivals and a young…

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