The Coffee Poured Into This Cup Is Actually a Wooden Sculpture

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It’s hard to believe, but your eyes are playing tricks on you. The black liquid you see being poured into the cup in the photo below is actually just expertly sculpted and painted wood.

A year ago, Japanese wood carver Kibori no Konno took to Twitter to share photos of some hyper-realistic coffee beans he had sculpted out of wood and then painted. They looked just like the real thing, and people couldn’t stop praising his talent. Since then, he has created all sorts of interesting sculptures, and to celebrate the piece that really kickstarted his year-long artistic journey, the Japanese artisan decided to do something really special. And that he did…

In an interview with Japanese magazine J-Town, Kibori no Konno said that he carved the artwork out of a cypress block, removing the excess material with a saw and multi-tool, and then drilled the foam bubbles with a hand drill. But the real challenge was applying the paint and varnish layer in such a way as to create the illusion of transparency.

More: Instagram, Youtube h/t: odditycentral

Other amazing works of Kibori no Konno:


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