This Guy Is Trolling His Followers By Drawing Their Avatars In A Funny Way And They Approve Of The Result

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Nothing’s so intriguing as to see yourself through the eyes of others. Most of the time we can just predict or sense how people perceive us. Usually, we tend to understate ourselves, when in reality we are way better than we think we are. However, sometimes the truth is way worse than anticipated and the best remedy for it is just to take a “chill pill” and laugh it off.

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So, if you’re in for a laugh, we are happy to present to you Anson’s Art Gallery, in which you can find his take on people’s social media profile pictures. As the artist writes on his Twitter account, “I just be drawing and joking”, which immediately implies that his interpretations shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Anson has around 13 thousand followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts combined, where he entertains his fans with funny caricature-like drawings of their avatars. We are sure that when people receive their portraits, loud laughter is inevitable.


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