Juxtapoz & Liquitex Artist Residency Programs Announces IG Live Studio Visit Series for 2022-23

Source Juxtapoz Magazine – Juxtapoz Magazine – Home 

We are back with our partnership with our friends at Liquitex, where over the next few months, Juxtapoz will present a series of IG live conversations with Liquitex residency artists. Last year, when we took on the task, the world was still in flux, travel a bit difficult but artists were taking advantage of the situation and making work during the Liquitex artist residencies. And we chatted! Over the course of 5 weeks we had guests on our IG and over the course of the next few months we will continue with artists Mark Zubrovich (November 16th), Jake Breiter (November 22nd), Sarah Brenneman (early December) and a 4th TBD. 

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