Caleb Hahne Quintana Goes Home to “AURORA”

Source Juxtapoz Magazine – Juxtapoz Magazine – Home 

When I spoke to Caleb Hahne Quintana at his latest opening, AURORA, at Anat Ebgi in Los Angeles, he mentioned this idea that his work was described as “metafiction.” Often in his paintings, especially in AURORA, Caleb is creating paintings places he knows with the faces and memories he can’t quite confirm is fantasy or fact. It’s as if he is letting the memories ebb and flow like the tides, entering into his mind and then allowing them to overtake the story in the work. It’s fascinating and a wonderful practice of meditation and honoring what the mind perceives to be a distinct memory. In a way, it creates a haze over the work, which, indeed, Caleb paints. 

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