Todd Schorr Brings His”Rattlebrain Melodrama” to KP Projects, Los Angeles

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With recent exhibitions at The Crocker Art Museum in 2020, and Virginia MOCA in 2018, to Schorr’s epically received midcareer survey in 2009 at the San Jose Museum of Art, recognition by the museum world has solidified what the gallery and collecting public have known for decades— that Todd Schorr is a giant in the Pop Surrealism movement. Though he shares that group’s interest in Lowbrow culture and post-illustration / ‘comic’ graphic style, Schorr’s operatically ambitious compositions, rich in precise detail and evocative atmospherics, plus his particular flair for wry insight and social commentary, has set him apart even among the genre’s best-known practitioners. With cinematic, fairy-tale carnivalism, satire, and sincere punnery — Schorr confounds expectations with what critic Doug…

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